The Last Day of February, 2nd Edition

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The Last Day of February is a meditation on the management of our own emotional state, specifically as it pertains to the changes brought by seasons, and how our emotions relate to our environment. Beginning by recording daily thoughts on iPhones, this zine combines design and urban photography in an effort to expose our desire to connect with others—whether successful or not.

Danny Allegretti and Elizabeth Vande Griend. 
Second Printing, February 2020.

Second Edition of 79
↳ 29 Blue, 50 Black
Chicago, Illin., U.S.A.
February 2020

48 pages
1-Color Risograph
↳ 29 Blue, 50 Black
5” x 7.5”, Staple Bound
Domtar EarthChoice Cream 60# 

GWP 002